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After spending last year finishing many collaborations, and opening a new concept store, APUJAN returns to the catwalk of London Fashion Week to exhibit the latest Autumn/Winter 2018 collection “Drifting in A Million Stars”. All the APUJAN designs, including packaging, interior of the stores, and the pattern, are related to the concept of an open book. As if the clothing walks out of the book as the pages are turning. This story is about the distance between the stars. Tiny sparkles remind us of the stars in the sky, but are reminiscent of the lights alerting us to the presence of our friends and family members online in messaging and social media apps. The numerous signals are the connections between countless sparkles, drifting between us.
Whilst creating an original theme, this collection has also been influenced by many different styles of science fiction literature, such as those written by Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card, and their psychedelic imagination of the stars afar.
The jacquard, prints and natural draping create silhouettes that are timeless. They may be interpreted as retro or as futuristic. We can see space, stars, orbital tracks, astronauts, stellar clouds, spaceships, sheep, trains and paper plane.
Fabrics consist of different types of wool, such as cashmere, merino, lamb wool, also pure silk yarn in knit. APUJAN has also developed its own fabric in collaboration with manufacturers, including semi-3 dimensional, imitation embroidery fabric, pure silk and digital print.
The music reflects the theme of this season show "Drifting in A Million Stars". Using a large amount of electronic music elements with 4 live musicians, including styles such as house, funk, techno, drum & bass, the music takes the audience on a journey from take-off, trough feelings of loneliness, reminiscing and warmth and others, to finally completion of the journey together. In addition to the music, sound and light devices "Starry Sky ", are wirelessly controlled by the DJ QuestionMark, are placed within the audiences, acting as an invisible fifth musician. The 16 acousto-optic devices are set to signal and flash with different tracks, using the surrounding sounds and light effects to create an atmosphere of space, leading the audiences to drift in a million stars with the show.

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APUJAN is a London-based womenswear label founded by designer Apu Jan, debuting in 2013 Autumn/Winter London Fashion Week. The designs are renowned for integrating patterns and knitwear techniques to illustrate themes inspired by fantasy and literature. The juxtaposition of traditional and oriental elements with a contemporary twist, and the interweaving of bold and casual elements are at the heart of APUJAN’s unique style, and have become the hallmarks of the label. APUJAN had attracted international media attention, as one of 10 designers shortlisted for the Vogue Italy New Talent; one of the GQ Men of the Year, Taiwan; and the top 10 culture and creative brands in Taiwan. The collections were featured in major fashion and design publications including Vogue, GQ, Bazaar, ELLE, WALLPAPER and i-D. Furthermore, APUJAN designs were shown at the La Cite de la Dentelle et de la mode in Calais, France; and showroom in Paris Fashion Week. Outside of runway collection, APUJAN had collaborated with various industries by utilises the storytelling method to connect with different audiences: such as In-flight loungewear for EVA airline and the dancers’ costumes for The Cloud Gate Dance Company of Taiwan. APUJAN collection can be found from the official online shop (shop.apujan.com) and in many major cities. The concept stores are in Shin Kong Place department stores in Suzhou and Chongqing, China. Part of the designs are also displayed and sold in selected stores in Taipei and London.