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Collection – Marie's Bag collection

Anya Liesnik designed a new collection for a special girl named Marie. The collection is replenished with pretty Bags. Each Bag has its own personality and can be carried for particular reasons. The new "Marie's Bag collection" is a about hand printed soft leather bags, with lovely made details and a spirit of vintage. The...
"Anya Liesnik fashiondesign and illustration" designs unique clothes and accessories, made by hand and produced in small series. She works a lot with natural materials like silk, cotton and leather. Her designs are full of details. Made only by hand, her creations feel like something very special. Anya's conzept is to let creations live their life. The hand-made feeling is very important part of it. " The most beautiful thing in my work is that my designs are NOT perfect. They have personality." It is never only a piece, it is the whole world you discover. Styling, accessories, fashion shows and photos are always a part of the whole she does.