Antonina Sedakova

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aalto university of art and design helsinki
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Collection – Communication Tube

‘Communication Tube’ is a menswear collection, which is inspired by the youth subcultures of the 80’s in Russia, and the image of the artistic identity of that time, being under the influence of the suppressing society. The main image of the collection was influenced by the phenomenon of russian rock idol Viktor Tsoi, who was the iconic representation of the free spirit of the young generation. Moreover, there is a more personal perspective to this collection, which is presented by the story of the designer’s mother, who was about 20 years old during the 80’s. She shared her ‘reality’ of a more strict and patriotic side of russian society at that time, with an example of her personal experience working in the summer brigades as a part of obligatory university practice.

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Antonina Sedakova is a menswear fashion designer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Graduated from State Academy of Art and Design named after A.L.Stiglitz in Fashion Design with MA degree in 2015. Later did her MA in Fashion & Textiles in Aalto University in Helsinki. In 2017 presented her menswear graduation collection 'Communication Tube' at Annual Graduation fashion show of Aalto University Näytös. In 2018 was chosen one of the finalist of Hyeres Fashion, Photography & Accessories Competition, and was awarded with the ''Priz Exeption in China'' for her menswear collection 'Communication Tube'.