Anni Ruuth

University / School:
lahti university of applied sciences, institute of design
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Collection – Ode For Première collection

Ode for Premiére is a continuation of the exploration through natural materials, reflecting with the sensitivity of ballet. The collection is highly inspired by the beauty and femininity of ballet culture. Ode for Premiére speaks through the voices of Odele and Odette from the Swan Lake ballet. It is a dialogue between two forces.
Listen: The sound of the light feathers whispering. Can you hear it?
See: Graceful and fascinating creations that bring the magical imagery into life.
Feel: The lightness. The enthusiasm. The wind under your wings. The love.
Speak: With the tone of change and happiness. Speak like these would be your last words.

Materials that create oneness which is above this world. They touch the timeless meaning of garment. Feathers show us the dignity of each life. Silk reveals us the secret importance of everything. Together, feathers and silk invite us to a journey, where we celebrate and salute life. Together they construct an alliance which wakes up the reality where we all belong, and which we must cherish and respect. Join the ballet of nature.

Fashion Films

For me clothes are more than just clothes. I feel that they are something bigger than just the physical elements that we can see. With clothes we create an image of ourselves and of our personality. Clothes hold our memories and our mood is impacted by them. We can be playful with what we are wearing, we can be differentiated by what we are wearing and we can show our persona and emotions, such as love, through the clothes that we are wearing. An emotional bond is created between us and our clothes. Some clothes end up dumped in our closest and wardrobes, while others become our beloved and trusted pieces. In my opinion the garment can’t be beautiful from the outside, if it’s not beautiful from the inside. Timeless is a keyword for me with clothes and design. Timeless doesn’t just refer to the lifecycle of the clothing, it also means that the design behind, the impact created and the experiences got from the specific piece aren’t attached to time. I wan’t that my work tells a story of strong women with loving power inside of them. The mission is to create a monument of the light and softness we all have inside of us. My goal is to make every woman feel good and proud of themselves, inside and out.