Angela Lukanovich

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Collection – marroxxo, spring/summer '14

So what happens when you move the Balkans somewhere between Marrakesh and Casablanca? The collections speak its own language - in tiny fragments of two different cultures, clashing on simple, uncomplicated forms. Photo: Adriamedia archive, Fashion Week Slovenia

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My childhood adoration for anything related to computers, colours and repeating patterns led me to connect it with my work later in my student years, so I strive towards technological innovation in textile design. Acquiring somewhat a penchant for weaving and intricate patterns, my work is often complex and involves a great deal of detailing within the textile itself. During my years of experimenting, I have dabbled in just about every creative process; from concept illustration, website developer to textile production consultant and textile print designer. Currently a MA student in Ljubljana, Slovenia, I am also a showing designer on the Phillips Fashion Week Slovenia every season, building and evolving my brand.