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Collection – LUNAE

ARTIST’S STATEMENT - The Lunae collection is the culmination of many years of study and practice. Its physical realization connects the Lunar surface to feminine grace and empowerment. This body of work is intended to encourage and support a rebirthing process for individuals and more broadly, humankind. I see a prosperous opportunity to enact...
Designer Andy Lifschutz combines traditional metalsmithing techniques with elements such as reclaimed metal, scrap leather, items of antiquity, and uncut stones. Originally from the West Coast of the United States, Andy studied at the Sterling Quest School of Jewelry and Design Creation in Mexico, with Billy King, as well as under New York designer, Kristin Hanson. His tireless search for unique and meaningful items with which to make art is as much a characteristic of his work as the pieces themselves. It is this appreciation and awareness of the histories of his materials that enhance their efficacy as personal pieces of art. The jewelry creates an appeal not solely focused on aesthetic value, but based heavily upon the spirit of powerful organic forms. From multi-functional adornments to fashionable and thought provoking ornamentation, Andy creates pieces that symbolize the force that is the natural world while speaking of a balance between old and new. Andy Lifschutz work has been featured in the New York Times, Harpers Bazaar, WWD, Wall Street Journal, GQ, Vogue UK, Dossier Journal, AnOther, BULLETT, Zink, The Block Magazine, BON, Time Out, New York Magazine, Turkish Elle, and other notable publications. In 2013 Lifschutz was chosen as on of 75 designer's to represent New York City at the MoMA design store's 'Destination NYC'. Andy has designed collections for the runway shows of Nicholas K, Obakki and Richie Rich. The designers pieces have been seen in ad campaigns for Adidas and Nike. Lifschutz following includes Cyndi Lauper, Eve, and Mindy Kaling. Andy Lifschutz currently splits his time living and working between Rome and New York City.