Andy Lifschutz

los angeles
los angeles
united states
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Sterling Quest School of Jewelry and Design Creation mexico
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united states
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Collection – DESCENDANT

By Jaqueline Suskin
Construct an avenue for color
to present itself and it will rise
into release just like wisdom
enters the mind: slow and steady
spirit, slightly hidden, ours to uncover
in hues held well by design.
Ripe red winds and speaks nectar,
blue becomes a current to calm us
and growth travels the spectrum
the greatness of green booms into being,
beckons the seed to live in silver,
to flourish freely in gold.
THE BRAND - Andy Lifschutz Jewelry is a fine Jewelry line with studios in Los Angeles and New York. Founded by Andy Lifschutz, the brand is known for it's breathtaking and innovative designs. Andy's body of work focuses on Alternative Bridal jewelry, specialized custom designs, and unique statement pieces. ANDY LIFSCHUTZ Oregon native, Andy Lifschutz spent his youth fully surrounded by nature. At age 13 he began traveling the world, spending extended time in Russia, Greece, Italy, England, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Mexico. Andy studied Jewelry design and creation at Sterling Quest School in Mexico, and under New York designer, Kristin Hanson. Lifschutz passionately continues to educate himself as the jewelry and luxury industry evolve, ever seeking new ways to bring personal art pieces to life. Beneath the Gold and diamonds you'll find the threads of influences from the Surrealist Art Movement. THE COLLECTIONS From Cleopatra influenced bronze cuffs to Plique-à-jour and gemstone encrusted modern heirloom's the collections of Andy Lifschutz captivate and surprise. His tireless search for unique and meaningful items with which to make art is as much a characteristic of Andy Lifschutz work as the pieces themselves. It is this appreciation and awareness of the histories of his materials that enhance their efficacy as personal pieces of art. The jewelry creates an appeal not solely focused on aesthetic value, but based heavily upon the indelible spirit of powerful organic forms. From multi-functional adornments to fashionable and thought provoking ornamentation, Andy creates pieces that symbolize the force that is the natural world while articulating a balance between old and new. SUSTAINABILITY Andy Lifschutz Jewelry believes in leading us to a world for future generations of the human to thrive in. Every effort is made to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.