Andreia Lexim

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Collection – "TELA" FALL WINTER 2013/2014

The pieces are built taking as a starting point geometrical shapes, so as delimited by edges, exploring the relationship between empty and content. The major influences of this project are the work of Richard Serra with architectural metal structures placed in indoor and outdoor space, the use of black and white, the colors and the abrasion...

Fashion Films

Andreia Lexim studied fashion design in Lisbon finishing her studies in 2010. While completing her course she made an internship in Kolovrat's Concept Store. In the beginnings of 2011 she started working with a costume designer helping to develop costumes for theatre, dance and ballet, developing sewing and patterning skills. Afterwards, she began to participate in fashion design contests as AcrobActic and Expo World Fashion winning some prizes. In mid 2011 she was invited to participate in Portugal Fashion's young designers platform called Bloom, where she presents her work until today. Her work is based on the development of new shapes and concepts while maintaining comfortable wearability of garments. She is starting to design accessories as she developed shoes for the last Spring Summer 2013 collection for a portuguese shoe brand. Also, bags were developed to be a part of the collection.