Anastasiia Vorobiova

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Collection – FRANT magazine Winter 2013

Using skills during her internship in studio of Ukrainian designer Oleksandr Gapchuk she decided to start her own line in the year 2010 under the brand name NYAFCA. Her first collection was inspired by Victorian era of the beginning of 19 century. Anastasia in her works examines the concept of women emancipation in modern world. Studying and researching through sexuality and femininity. She created remarkably feminine dresses using elements that came 2 centuries ago, it was period when woman started to show her business qualities. In 2012 during festival "I love Kiev" was represented resort collection. By using principals of bionic and observing natural process was produced number of light and fragile dresses. Girl who decided to wear these dress is young, playful and open for adventures. Anastasia telling in her works about originality, individuality and airiness. She is playing when she is working getting inspiration from world and creating fragile guise. Besides, Nastia many year express her oneself like illustrator. Using all the same principles contemplation and penetration into the depths of world around us,into hte world of nature, plunging into the world of sensitivity. “It all looks like a fantastic illusion, the colors is always gentle, often used floral designs, she adore the color. Simplicity and complexity in the details, her dress is light and weightless. In these dresses each girl can feel like a princess from a fairy tale "about a bliss love." Anastasia gladly dressing in their clothes.” ©