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Collection – AW 18 - It's Cold Out

It’s cold out ...

AMXANDER’s Autumn Winter 18 collection will rework the ice explorer’s uniform - reinterpreting garments from the golden age of exploration within a contemporary context, creating highly functional elevated streetwear, bounded with outdoor-wear sensibilities.

An homage to great voyagers, the key serving point – or should we say, unnerving point - for inspiration of AMXANDER’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection began by looking into Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition in 1910. He was an Englishman lauded for his bravery and thirst for exploration, but unfortunately died a month after he had discovered that the Belgium’s beat him to the South Pole. Pretty sad stuff indeed, but a look into the clothing of choice for these ice-cold expeditions revealed that these poor souls probably couldn’t keep warm and if they did, the 50 kilogram bear skin outfit probably sank them. Wool and tech fibres has come a long way in the last century, and so have AMXANDER in the three years – let us yreimagine how the modern trekker would look across an Antarctic voyage today, with styles carrying resilient functionality, balanced with relevant silhouettes.

It’s cold out. A blizzard hails relentlessly, followed by gusts of wind blowing from the south. But don’t forget your iPhone.
An eclectic tap on the shoulder. AMXANDER is an elevated menswear project born in Melbourne, but raised on the streets of the world. Created by Jason Alexander Pang and RJ Chen, the label aims to reconfigure definitive uniforms and redefine the gender divide regarding personal expression, through the embodiment of tactile fabrications, and synchronic styling. A ravenous visual fiend - AMXANDER was born to explore, conceptualise and ignite rebellion amongst the modern man. Started in 2013, the label has grown to new heights with stockists across Asia, and was recently named as a menswear label to watch by key industry publication, WeAR magazine. In 2016, AMXANDER was nominated for the Australian Woolmark Prize and have shown numerous times at Fashion Festivals within Australia.