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kumasi polytechnic
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Collection – Kulcha

This collection encourages you to explore and dare to be different. We give you a variety of colours and silhouettes, from contemporary to regal, delicate to sparkling richness and a touch of joyful mystery. Kulcha, inspired by the ever growing cultural diversity in fashion, a love for designing textiles and reinventing the traditional tie and dye process and a fascination for Korean culture, demonstrate the vibrant richness fof these two beautiful cultures and gives you both inspiration and the chance to find something for any and every occasion.
Améyo is an affordable luxury women’s fashion brand that aims to offer an accessible yet glamorous line for the modern woman. The brand is inspired by the natural diversity in culture with exotic, playful and sublime aesthetics. The Améyo woman is drawn to contemporary understated elegance with a regal flair while preserving her love for tradition and culture. The brand began its journey in 2011 and aims to grow beyond boarders. It has since participated in the IED Milan end of year show in 2014 and the MUD show during the Dutch design week in 2014. The creative director, Klekleli Dzidzienyo, born, raised and educated in Ghana, developed her love for fashion at a budding age when she began to make her own clothes to suit her fashion needs. Functionality cultivated passion which eventually evolved into style. “Understated elegance flirts with whimsical chic. “