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Alice Giani Margi started her journey into the fashion world when she moved to Saudi Arabia back in 2009. As an Italian living in Riyadh, she was driven by her passion and motivation to create a luxurious yet comfortable brand that emphasises the beauty and the strength of the modern woman that wants to dress modestly. Inspired by real women and their real needs and dreams, she founded the eponymous label in Milan, the heart of fashion, with the goal of merging the quality of the iconic Italian tailoring and the value of modesty into a unique collection of timeless garments.

Introducing the new concept of modest sportswear, transformable abayas and hoods with hair-lock system, Alice combines traditions and heritage with a modern vision in order to create models that all women from around the world can approach in their own personal and stylish way.

Quality, comfort and modesty are at the very core of the brand, combining Italian minimal elegance, modest values and stylish comfort into the perfect partner for modern women with an active lifestyle.

“Modesty is not only a fashion value, but it applies to all aspects of our life. I like to think that we can increase its value as a common value throughout all cultures”.

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