Alchemy Detroit

Born in Detroit, Alchemy stands for personal originality and ingenuity. Alchemy allows women to celebrate their unique individuality by striving to offer timeless garments made from the highest quality fabrics and an emphasis on detailed American craftsmanship. Alchemy prides itself on intentional design that integrates seamlessly and effortlessly into the modern lifestyle, be it board meeting or weekend brunch. With an ode to bespoke tailors, the collection delivers discerning attention to detail; reimagined for hardworking career women, stay at home moms, young professionals and mature matriarchs. Our pieces are meant to be worn and lived in, decade after decade. We passionately believe that clothing should enhance and compliment our personal alchemy, never upstage it. Taking sartorial cues from menswear, our approach embodies Detroit’s proud legacy for American craftsmanship and industrious ingenuity.