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tel aviv / israel


shenkar college of engineering and design

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Adi Lev’s design philosophy comes from an attraction to the dark and forbidden worlds of body modification and fetishism.

As each collection evolves, so does her unique ability to expand and redefine the idea of jewelry by creating distinctive pieces that accentuate new areas of the mouth, nose and body while maintaining a fine, minimalist approach.

Creating each piece by hand, Adi's 'floating' geometric forms aim to inspire a new impression of human aesthetic.

In 2014 graduated from the prestigious Shenkar institute, at the jewelry design department.

Since then, her jewelries featured in international magazines like Schon, Hope st and Vogue and caught by stylists eyes from all over the world.

In 2015 she was one of the ten finalists that were chosen by IT'S- International Talent Support as most Promising new talent in jewelry design.

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