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Collection – The Conspiracy

According to my MA collection which combination of young spirits ,youth movement and characterize expression throughout creative arts and musics. The lyrics of punk music , post- punk music that sometime indicated to the dark side of society. Lead to this collection by remaining on style icon young Brian Molko of Placebo 1990s personality - styled himself with his black polished nails, gender - bending , androgynous look as we can see by his music video, or concert performance also when he appeared with nipple-bared on Britpop “ SELECT “ magazine. I took all mentions above twisting up with the idea of imaginary characters , the conspiracy mind and rebelling against oppression that demonstrate the role of our self in the society . We sometimes, see ,not agreed in the pattern ,belief , fundamental as most people always do.
Adireg Comenoi menswear designer graduated bachelor degree in fashion design from Srinakharinwirot university Bangkok , Thailand in 2015 .Currently graduated master in fashion design from Domus academy Milan , italy . He always inspired by people characterized ,the being of uniqueness of personality became to his individual aesthetics . Mostly ,Adi’s inspiration has always taken from what is surrounded by himself especially unique persons are very interesting though their multiple expressions individually even by how they dressed,hair styles, shoes and accessories. The Identity - preservation, young spirits , youth movement through art and music. Especially youth group in each eras that they were insisting in their ideology and identity showed up by music,poem ,culture and art.Which combining with the typical objects ,fascinated childhood memories and elements to create the accessible garment present in his collection. Adi takes his memories passionately such as classic items which can tell distinctly fashion stories in different eras and bring it all together and conveying in to solid Identity garments which attractive and ready to wear.