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100% handmade in China
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Collection – MUSES

With the increasing positive and negative influences in the 21st century, we wanted to find out how co-existence could be achieved in a right fashion, and how the old and the new interchange and differ.

We are inspired by the three architectures from the 15th and 20th century: Sistine, Biosphère Montreal, and the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niteró. These are the architectures renowned for their precision and excellence. They have been through the most critical situation in development but their feet are still grounded very firmly until today. The creation and appreciation of beauty can be seen everywhere in watches. One thing in common between these architectures and watches is the circular-shaped making. In traditional way of doing, creating watch surfaces that are of circular-like would however produce a lot of waste because a thick piece of glass is used but virtually, only 50% of it would remain to sculpt the rounded watch surface. With that being said and done, given an extra effort and thinking, aesthetic and sustainability can also work perfectly together with some new developments. By taking this into account, a machine is built to produce domed glasses that requires no scrapping off. Every piece of the glass is tested by dropping a small metal ball on the glass to make sure they are all high-scratch resistance.

This, this is how MUSES, the second collection of ADEXE Watches, was born.

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A TCK, travel alone since the age of 13, businesswoman by mind, cubist by soul. Should you ask the meaning of ADEXE Watches, there is no meaning and it was the best label name we could get out of the global license. Should you ask why ADEXE Watches is built, the story begun roughly 25 years ago when a young man started a leather straps factory with 3 people to a watch manufacturing company of 1200 people today. The values of ADEXE are only for those who appreciate inner beauty. 120-day to design, create and produce is nothing. It is the 25 years of persistence and trial and errors that "Quality" can be claimed. ADEXE is a father-daughter brand where true craftsmanship and innovation meet.