University / School:
shih-chien university, taipei, taiwan.
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Collection – Acrosphere 2016 A/W Lookbook

When the new scientific theories constantly challenge the established knowns,
frame and stereotypes becomes negligible.
People fear that the future can not be predicted,
at the same time they fascinated by the possibilities of unknowns.
Future is boundless, only from now on, set no longer restrictions to our own.

The continuation of Futuristic Athleisure, using meteorite texture,
different textures splicing, weightless Tyvek fabric, etc.
We continue to stacked up futuristic,
and strengthen the function version of the configuration details and enhance the garment in the occasion-friendly mobility.
Creating a new experience of sci-fi street wears.

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Futuristic Athleisure Apparels. Designers team brand. Acrosphere is an individual-designers-team brand from earth, which pay attentions to record modern sense of stylish behaviors. With unconventional high street fashion garment, we challenge the boundary of commercial art. Our innovative cutting and futuristic patterning stem from aesthetic ideas; always, we keep eyes on these core values and try out for all possibilities.