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Collection – 2016 Fall/Winter NYFW

7crash F/W 2016 collection is inspired by the great vitality from nature that never ends. The extension, blossom, flow come from the withered autumn and winter, presenting the persistent and transformation in life. We are impressed by both vitality and strength from the leaves, streams, insects, flora in the forests.
Inspired by the staggered branches that is also the concept of our brand. The extension of visions and spaces represents the endless life. Through the illustrations, the rose collection in this season demonstrates the joy of children and the romantic visual senses, extending the fashion canvas of the autumn and winter. It also brings up more imagination.
The color is based on black & white, combined the quiet and clever porcelain blue and the warm and tender coral pink, as the representative of the collection.
The well-fitting suit, double-breasted windbreak, woolen dress and the cocktail dress, and specially the bright and beautiful rose topcoat pairs up the water blue fur, all come together in the neat cutting which presents the urban professionals style.
In this collections, 7crash takes the balance between the neat urban style and the fashion trends.

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Emerging fashion designer Enchi Shen is known for her debut in 2011 “Taipei in Style” autumn/winter fashion parade. “7crash”—her own designer brand was established in the same year. Graduating from NABA(Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano) Enchi strives for perfection and wish to create fashion that specifically accomplishing Asian figures with distinguish cultural essences. “Crash” aims to enlighten people’s imagination and unbound existing framework. Enchi’s design reflects this belief. 7Crash also believes in fine quality and uniqueness. Enchi appreciates the opportunities to offer personal design for individual clients. Our products are limited and each one owns a unique ID. The general collection only lists up to 50 items per module and Silver (2015) series only lists up to 20 per city/country. http://www.7crash.com/