Colleagues let's meet in person


Hi, community,

So happy that now we have a chance to talk. 

I am Ira, founder and CEO of the sustainable brand CHERESHNIVSKA. Live in London and am always happy to make new connections. If you are planning to visit London, feel free to contact me. Or your city could be my next travel destination. I would be happy to know more about your brand journey and plans. Always glad to share my knowledge. 

I could help you with people/team related questions. If you can advise on fashion events, it would be amazing (to go together would be the bonus). 

Please share your location and your willingness to meet in person. Or just say hi :) 

Hi, such a nice message!

I am Marina, the founder of WHITE CANVAS. Let me know if you pass by Paris one day. I will be happy to meet and exchange entrepreneurial experience :)



Hey Ira,

Great initiative. I am Sintija, founder of TALES of ANYDAY- sustainable brand based in Copehagen. Hit me up if you are coming up here- would be great to meet and exchange views and ideas. :)



I'm Marita from Marita Moreno, and you are more then welcome to Oporto, Portugal

We have a very nice show of textiles and production for private labels in Oporto, so if you want to cross pleasure with work is a great oportunity to vist Portugal :-) 

Modtissimo - 15th and 16th february 2023

Im Karina CBO from @SENTIENTTHEBRAND We are based in Mexico City, we are planning our Europe trip for September, really excited to connect. 


I am Ayodeji , I am founder of DÈJÌ ENIOLÁ, an ethically diverse fashion brand , a fuse of British tailoring and my African heritage .

I m presently based in Scotland, Dundee. Would be nice to meet up when I am around in London. I should be sometime in May.