B2b digital and physical platforms

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We're David Catalán brand, a portuguese menswear brand oriented to youth culture and lifestyle drawing inspiration from its day-to-day. As colorful as, sometimes, sober, some classical garments paired along more risqué ones, a walking antithesis, on the runway and in the streets. With expertise, under our designer's team close inspection and direction,we produce high quality street aimed pieces of menswear, elegant sartorial pieces mixed with edgy accessories and oversized pieces of streetwear. The focus is the modern consumer, eager for disruption in the details when looking for its needed wardrobe staples.

We usually attend Paris and Milan fashion weeks, but we want to try new experiences, so we're looking for new / good digital and physical showrooms and trade shows to present our collections. Any suggestions? Can yu share your good experiences with us?


Many thanks!

Dear David Catalan team, 


We are Right Direction's team, a physical & phygital clothing brand for strong, cosmopolitan and unapologetically independent women who decided to adopt a modern and responsible lifestyle.

We are providing them with a wardrobe which fit both their personality and morphology, and out of which they are able to create their unique and personal style.

All are garments are crated from scratch in Europe with highly qualitative recycled, upcycled or certified materials. 


We checked your website and love your universe!

We know a digital & physical fashion week called "New York Digital Fashion Week". Their next edition is in February, and will take place in NY, Paris and London. 

Hope that this will help you in your research!


Right Direction Team