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copenhagen / denmark



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In modern societies, lines between the elegant and practical are fading continuously. Dennis Lyngsø strives for a return to the dainty appreciation of feminine expressions and sculpted forms. His work can be seen as an organic homage to the illusive essence of women. Enigmatic, elegant, yet effortlessly chic, they strut through vast plains and lofty cityscapes.

The refined usage of the contrast between the overly soft, hyaline and elegant, opposed by rawness, power and suggestive graphic lining, can be seen as indicative for the line. A balance between the avant-garde, yet accessibly elegant; Dennis Lyngsø feels inspired by organic lines, strong silhouettes and complimenting shapes.

The collections consist of an essential array of lavish dresses, tailored shirts, constructed skirts and extravagant accessories. Dennis Lyngsø’s work alludes to sculptural exclusivity, characterized by his continuous quest for luxurious sensuality, womanly strength and delicate couture.

In 2010, Dennis Lyngsø was awarded a first prize at the ‘Triumph Inspiration Awards’ for his lingerie creation named “Moth Metamorphosis.” Later that year, he won the prestigious ‘Golden Fur Pin’, attributed by an international jury, for his expressive and delicate designs. Dennis will continue the expansion of his lifelong dream and eponymous label in Copenhagen, London and Paris.

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  • SS12 ''LE PROLOGUE''