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Andre Lisowski - bases the label Delikatessen on his sharp eye for advanced sartorial details and personal reinterpretation of traditional garments. The brand's forte are shirts. Each season the brand comes up with a vast collection of redefined shirts, made from impeccable and refined cottons and linens. Andre Lisowski says: Delikatessen concept is to start with a product of purity: something that achieves balance between old craft and a modern aprroach to design. Researching and mixing different fabrics is a reoccurring theme in Lisowski's design. He is inspired by rich textures and color blocking. His use of prints, colors is distinctive for the brand. For SS12 he comes up with some super heavy linen jackets inspired by upholstery fabrics. The jackets are paired down with shirts made from soft and light semi transparent egiption cotton mouslins. Garments are heavely enzyme washed and softened in order to give them fluidity and contemporary relaxed look. The collection SS12 is about a research of minimal forms. Many designs employ just a few seams. They seem to be simple at first look, however it is a complexity of construction that compels. Garments are constructed from very few pieces of material which results in innovative forms. Jackets have no side seams and back of pants is cut from one pieces of fabric. Using well selected checks, intense tones, layering different garments and colors Delikatessen collection revives a menswear garderobe giving it a fresh and body-conscious edge.


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