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Mirjana Deletic is a designer and founder of DELETI handbags. A native of Montenegro, sometime resident of Kenya, and now based in Brussels, Mirjana has a lifelong passion for design, and she has worked in a variety of different art forms before discovering her creative calling when she began designing high-end, exclusive handbags in 2010.

In 2011 she founded DELETI handbags, a small-scale luxury handbag line for women and men. The brand began in Montenegro traveled through the Balkans and Africa and is now based in Brussels. She is inspired by the rich diversity of vibrant patterns, bold design and rich colours of daily life. Her designs feed on that inspiration as well as drawing on her love for geometric shapes.

Every bag is made with beauty and functionality in mind and each is unique being made out of highest quality material and with an exceptional eye for finished detail.

Mirjana represented Kenya at the Mercedez Benz African fashion festival in Accra, Ghana, in May 2014, and was voted best designer of East Africa. In August 2014 she showcased at the Kenya Fashion Awards. In October 2014 Mirjana exhibited at Brands and Signs International exhibition in Ljubljana Slovenia.

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