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Conceptualized and crafted in Lagos,

DEJI ENIOLA creates timeless elegant, elite men's and women's wear of ethnically diverse charm.
'Founded by Nigerian Born self-taught designer and Creative Director Ayodeji Osinulu in 2014 after nursing his dream post-graduation from the university in 2009, where he had studied Geology. He had served over the preceding years as a fashion writer and editor in some of Nigeria's notable fashion publications in the sands of time.

Ayodeji, as called by some, had taken to creative fashion writing, identifying his few resources to fund his dream fashion house then, also understanding chances to get hired as a designer by a fashion establishment were limited to his lack of non-formal fashion education. He, however, knew he was born with an instinct gifted by God on the varying forms, silhouettes, and colors to express beauty and life; he had taken up writing to get him close enough to his fashion love!

Just as time continually rewards the diligent, his light shone through as he began styling cover shoots of the biggest afro cultural icons Nigeria had to offer, from Tu Face Idibia, Basket Mouth, Burna Boy, MI Abaga, and The Chocolate City Crew, to Ghanaian sensations Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, Christopher Attoh, Van Vicker, and a host of others.

On one of his memorable trips to England, he had been intrigued by British tailoring and its heritage as much as his own African culture and upbringing. Although his background had western influences, going by the British colonizing Nigeria, he envisioned a bridge, a marriage of the two rich cultures, and the expression of his utopia through fashion.

He later founded DEJI ENIOLA in 2014, a brand embodying the design philosophy of: 'suppressed elegance'. Ayodeji believes the most flattering expressions of beauty always have some discoveries to offer as one gets closer. He had coined the phrase 'beauty seeping from underneath', which continually stirs him to design from the inside outwards.

DEJI ENIOLA had its first exposure to the grand public in 2015 when he showcased a 15-man/woman collection on the revered Lagos Fashion Design Week Fashion Focus Program after making the final cut of designers into the scheme.

With an enigmatic drive to excellence, DEJI ENIOLA has evolved over the years, however staying true to being a tasteful brand with aesthetics of timeless African art elegance and British tailoring.

As an icon in the fashion industry, DEJI ENIOLA prides itself as Africa's Foremost Designer Brand, with a taste admirable by the opulent modern African continent to match global standards. The brand poses to become a pre-reformed instrument, such that when one adorns a piece of art by it, one embraces those African values that many have lost and consequently urges them to the redemption of the same values of excellence, culture, ambition, respect, and belief in God.

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