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Black Sheep


buenos aires / argentina


Universidad de Buenos Aires Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo

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de.aren is a conceptual jewelry brand based in Buenos Aires, designed by Belen Prado.
Belen handcrafts every piece fusing contemporary design with tradition-rich artistry passed through generations.
She defines herself as a craftswoman. Her hands have their own eyes and soul. They are intuitive, virtuous and refined. They capture the essence of nature and interpret it in a wearable piece.
Her level of dedication, as well as her love for design are clearly reflected in her pieces, which never seem to go unnoticed. As a result, she exhibited her project in Puro Diseño, a well-known design exhibition held at Buenos Aires.
Since then, she is continuously seeking to evolve and present a new take on jewelry design and craftmanship, by challenging the common perception of modern minimalist jewelry.
She plays with different types of universes through the vast array of materials and jewelry techniques, mostly lost-wax one.
Her pieces go beyond the perfectly polished surfaces and deffectless finishings, by making imperfect textures which make the object unique, never exactly replicable.

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