Grey Sheep


minneapolis / united states

Graduation year


I am a fashion designer that has hit the runways all around the world for Fashion-week, and have worked with the Bollywood Industry as well as corporations.I am an international fashion designer that is looking for contracts or assignments.

There is so much about me, such as; I have my own line, I have and still am working with Bollywood movies, doing a lot of fashion shows here, working with current famous clients wives here locally, etc. Just got Best Fashion Designer/Stylist Award by Critics for a movie!

I have developed a group of artist, and just launched my page as well. I am trying to make a difference in Minnesota and reach out everywhere as well. I have done over 11 fashion shows within just one year, which 6 of them were for charity/benefits shows! You can find me on that page under the courtier Ledah Hakim. If you like some of the work, then shoot me out an email back and I will send you more work if you would like.

There are many pictures that are going to be released from our shoots every two weeks, since I have new shoots every 3 weeks. There is so much going on as you can see, but I am looking to take up interesting projects and would love to hear what you are looking for. Please let me know what its all about, and how can I help.

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