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esart, castelo branco

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D\Backyard [Diana Quintal] is an emerging designer based in Portugal.
Graduated in Fashion Design and Textiles at ESART - Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas in Castelo Branco.
The next step for the designer was an internship in De L'eefstijl Atelier in the Netherlands. Then she came back to Portugal and did another internship at Susana Bettencourt.
2+1_Unlike FW 16\17 [inspired by surrealism\ cadavre exquis] was the collection made by the duo KDI were the designer first presented her work with Inês Gonçalves in Bloom's Platform in Portugal Fashion.
In 2018, Diana Quintal really focused in D\Backyard and presented "Unknown Soldier" FW 18\19 in Bloom Platform from Portugal Fashion.
The designer really immerse in the process of researching and in creating the world were the collection starts to get shape. The process is as important as the final result. Fashion is used as a medium of expression as well as a message to the world. Fashion only makes sense to the designer when art is mixed in it.
With womenswear in mind, materials as neoprene, nylon, faux leather are mixed with handmade nets and knits. Oversized shapes are mixed with fluid silouettes. Acessories are also another focus of the brand.

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