Dawn Bey

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Savannah College of Art & Design

Graduation year


Dawn Bey is a contemporary womenswear designer from Singapore with a love for bold colour, popping prints and volume.

In 2013, Dawn moved to Hong Kong to pursue her passion in fashion with SCAD Hong Kong after completing a degree in Business Administration at National University of Singapore. Her collections are often designed for a daring independent woman who is often on the go and is not afraid to embrace her style and stand out. She has a style which is a melting pot of street style with classic garments and the elegant evening wear. Her looks are products of her experiences in her many travels, reading, art-seeing and dancing.

Dawn’s designs are often full of colour be it bright popping colours or iridescent fabrics. Often, she creates her own prints to mix with her clean, voluminous silhouettes to bring the garments to life. She has an array of experience from designing for commercial fashion manufactuers to conceptual brands like handkerchief. Her work has been showcased at international trade shows, Fashion Forward Festival and SCAD Fashion Showcases.

In 2016, Dawn graduated SCAD Hong Kong as the valedictorian and her senior collection ‘Acid Bloom’ was chosen by a jury panel of industry experts to be shown at SCAD’s Fashion Show 2016. The same collection was also shown in London Graduate Fashion Week 2016. After graduation, Dawn hopes to not stop making clothes and prints because her love for her craft is what keeps her going.

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