Grey Sheep



ljubljana / slovenia


university of ljubljana

Trough academic years I discovered and slowly developed my own personal ''language/ + of style''. I like to go out of people's comfort zones, make bold choices with my clothing and the materials I chose. When designing, I concentrate on connecting my clothing with a viewer or a potential buyer, because all my ideas are integrated into a target group and their lifestyle. I try to introduce different elements into my designs (prints for an example) and make sophisticated modeling patterns, but also keep in mind, that the main goal is the practical use of my clothing.
I attended fashion shows with my college (the final fashion show in Phillips fashion week Ljubljana ), I also had international fashion shows ( Mediteranean fashion fesival, Lviv fashion week, fashionclash Maastricht). davidbacali collections are on sell at fashion store zoofa in ljubljana. davidbacali brand is active also as a member of ljubljana fashion week.

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