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new york / united states


esdi barcelona

Graduation year


Datura is designed in New York and made in Barcelona. The label explores the connection between the natural world and our urban lifestyle. Datura promotes slow fashion through a tightly controlled manufacturing process, web-only distribution, and the use of natural fabrics.
Stefania Borras, the Creative Director of Datura, grew up in the island of Mallorca, surrounded by Mediterranean beauty. Nature has always been an integral part in her work, acting both as a healer in the city and as connection we all share.
Stefania started her self-titled, award-winning fashion line in Barcelona. Moving to New York in 2012, she created Datura as a brand available exclusively on the web.
Datura is designed with an independent woman in mind. She has a young spirit, adventurous personality and is always looking for something new. She ‘s more into clothes, than into fashion. She is elegant and creative, loves to travel and wants her clothes to be versatile, comfortable and feminine.