Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


university of hertfordshire

Graduation year


Relying on a focused and vibrant passion for communication through visual language, I began learning my trade at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. Originating in Graphic design, illustration skills and general curiosity towards the subject, brang international recognition through collaborations with trend predicters, (WGSN), not to mention a variety of various non-commercial art projects including short film productions and Fashion show promotions.

With a keen interest in art directed projects, I pride myself on understanding subject matter and take the development of content and meaning within my work very seriously. However my understanding of practicality and commerciality is as accute and prominent as the reliance upon conceptual meaning in my work. An interest in exploring the balance between commerciality and conceptual depth gradually led me to Fashion design. I was interested in using clothes as a tool to communicate a concept or idea. Garments are far less interesting to me if no meaning or personal connections are behind them.

Deciding to tranfer to the United Kingdom, I chose to major in Fashion Design. I adapted to the craft of pattern cutting and design development, linking these processes heavily with conceptual ideas. Gaining a first class honours in Fashion Design, I managed to successfully combine views on aesthetic biology with an admiration for complementing the female form through design, drape and construction.

Showing awareness of the difficulties of building a creatively directed career, I pursued internships constantly. Gaining experience from designers, photographers and journalists based in Central London, who's work revolves around the development and coverage of British fashion design.

My graduate collection, covered by VOLT Magazine, led to a collaboration with fellow peer Zoya Smirnova. Together we have developed ZDDZ, a womenswear label that, we hope, has the potential to contribute to the cultural shift happening in Moscow right now, as well as offering a refreshing take on british womenswear design.

With prints based on billboard posters, worn down wallpapers and social commentary, clashed with clothing that shows admiration and respect for their trade through construction. ZDDZ offers a product packed with meaning and personal connections that represents a platform for my vision of products/services based on clear concept and ideas that connect to international markets.

With a multitude of technical and creative skills based in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional crafts, I am constantly looking for opportunities of collaboration, internship and freelance work that will allow me to build my career and develop my understanding further.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

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