Dascha Lemechtchouk

Grey Sheep


antwerp / belgium


willem de kooning academy

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries

The Netherlands

made to measure
/ˌmeɪd tə ˈmɛʒə/
adjective: made-to-measure; adjective: made to measure
specially made to fit a particular person or object

designed to fulfill a particular set of requirements

Pieces produced under by brand are strictly made-to-measure; which means there is no stock available.

This somewhat unconventional process of orders and production will guarantee a more sustainable way of making clothing.
At Dascha Lemechtchouk we aim to take an old fashioned tailor ateliers, where you can have your items produced from scratch and give it a modern twist.

The fabrics we use are left-overs , because there is no need to destroy whats already made.
Every piece is produced locally because we don't believe in sourcing oversees and finally; we provide transparency to our clients because we believe that you should know where and how your clothes are made.

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