DARYA Wierzbicka

Black Sheep


warsaw / poland


academy of fine arts in warsaw

Graduation year


Fashion and textile designer.
She focuses on design motivated by combinations of the value of the fabric, its relations and the use of existing elements.
It searches for new experiences and does not tolerate limitations.

A graduate of the Warsaw Fashion Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 with the patchwork collection (IN)EXPERIENCED GIRL inspired by the work of Anna Uddenberg and dilemmas of adolescence.
She graduated from the Józef Szermentowski School of Fine Arts in Kielce, specialising in painting and gilding techniques.

She took part in many exhibitions, among others. She took part in many exhibitions, including "Tactilis," and the international Transfashional project.
Finalist of the Golden Thread 2017.
She is one of the designers in the DUNST brand.

Latest Collection