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DARIA & MARIA is a Russian-Spanish brand. The creators of it are two twin-sisters Daria and Maria Vasilyevs. We are from small Russian town. We graduated Art University and we are professional artists.Studing at university we were carried away by fashion world and started working as designers in showrooms of our town. We had a lot of ideas. In the result we took part and won the designers competition in Moscow. After we founded our own brand DARIA & MARIA. Our main direction is denim jackets,handpainted and decorated by ostrich feathers. We work hard at every jacket. First we paint a real picture on them like artists on a canvas. We add some crystals or metal rivets to the pictures and then decorate them with ostrich feathers. As a result we get an art object, which couldn't be unnoticed. Ostrich feathers are distinguishing feature of DARIA & MARIA jackets. We created the technology of detachable feathers to make it easy to care of our goods. If you detach the feathers you can wear the jacket casually. Our items have been appreciated by European fashion bloggers and Russian celebraties. We have publications in magazies and internet portalls all over the world. At present time we live in Barselona and work at new collection.

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