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The visionary and creative leader behind daou denim co. is Katherine Daou. Starting at a young age, unique denim styles were always a part of her wardrobe. She remembers her father coming back from different trips away from home with a pair of patchwork boot-cut jeans or oriental silk hemmed straight leg jeans from New York. Katherine would also regularly travel to Paris with her family and was mesmerized by the street style and famous couture brands. She discovered at a young age that working in the fashion industry would be a life-long passion.

This passion at such a young age started her dream of owning her own clothing line. She worked her way into the industry at 15 years old by working in the retail environment to understand the industry. After finishing high school, she studied fashion at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in San Francisco where she also worked for local designers while attending college.

After earning her degree from FIDM, Katherine worked for a couple years in the Fashion industry to understand the retail environment and to understand what the consumer was really looking for when it comes to denim. She sold, marketed, and observed denim all while developing her vision that would bring forth the starting of daou denim, company.

Katherine's concept for denim blends the idea of trend & lifestyle where she aims at providing comfortable fit of jeans with the best premium denim, hardware, and trimmings. To do so, she has researched the best places in the world to acquire the best denim materials possible. Daou denim co. is designed and made in California and embodies the natural and contemporary California lifestyle.

Tag line for Katherine:

“My jeans embody all that California represents – Authenticity, luxury, and exclusivity! That’s what I hope to represent through my line of jeans.”

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