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Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht

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Danielle is creating jewellery in her studio (in the south of The Netherlands) since 2010. All jewels are made by hand by Danielle and with the finest materials in her own geometric and graphic style. She loves to play around in the studio surrounded by her tools and designing pieces for many years to last.
Back in the days she was inspired by mathematical figures (the five Platonic Solids) and built the first collection "GEOM" around the fascinating shapes by this figures. Later geometry remained her source of inspiration and it turned a little more refined. Graphic design is also something Danielle loves and that made her pursue the dream of creating her own alphabet, which turned in the "ALPHA series" and also the DMNT and HEART pendants are her geometric and graphic view on the world.
The latest collection called "KONSTRUKT" is more about shapes and building blocks. Danielle took very simple shapes and raw materials to build the collection. It turned out bold, edgy and festive. But still minimalistic and timeless as Danielle likes jewellery the best.

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