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Born in Brasilia, Dani Cury has lived in London, NY and Paris, until she made Sao Paulo her home.
She’s passionate about travelling and art, she graduated in Visual Arts at FAAP, specialized at St. Martins and she has worked with art, design, fashion, art direction and theater costumes. She has created a visual identity for several brands, including the famous Reserva logo. Was fasHion designer of Maria Bonita, one of Brazil's most iconic brands and stylist ASSISTANT to fashion editor of
Vogue US, Tabitha Simmons. She is an example of perfectionism and multitasking.

The identity of the brand DANI CURY is signed and stated with the name of its creator. That identity was inspired in a meeting between Paris and Tokyo, architecture and mathematics. Influences always present.
The brand is the result of her passion for design and obsession with comfort. This guarantees excellence, exclusivity and durability.
Dani Cury creations and products are handmade with noble materials. She is in a constant search for innovation, looking to the past and the future, searching for an authorial and timeless design that values anatomy and comfort, with social and environmental responsibility.

The brand was launched in 2010 and soon was acclaimed by the creative community and influencers. Featured in important magazines, editorials, movies, TV shows, theater as seen in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Wish Report, RG, Condé Nast Traveler, Glamour, L’officiel, IM//UR, Glamurama, Radar55, Época, Folha de São Paulo, O Globo.
Dani Cury has made special collections for brands like Alcaçuz, Alex Kazuo, Emmannuelle Junqueira, Eva, Gig, Giulianna Romanno, Handred, Helo Rocha, Luisa Farani, Luiza Marcier, Rober Dagnani/ Das Haus and Ronaldo Fraga. Also she does special collections for the Omnia Hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland.
The products can be found in stores like Amazon, Bossa (Miami), Casa (Buenos Aires), Casa de Antonia (Rio de Janeiro), Cartel011 (Sao Paulo), Choix (Sao Paulo), Dona Coisa (Rio de Janeiro), Farfetch, Magrella (Brasilia), Namix (Curitiba), Os/On, Surface to Air (Sao Paulo).

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