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berlin / germany


antwerp royal academy/ la cambre

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#DAMUR is a HIGH end streetwear fashion label which is based in Berlin and founded by Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang in 2015.

It combines classical garment techniques with the modern methods in textile science, always with the goal of changing the story that society expects to hear. The playful colors and details, together with the bold silhouettes and elegant cuts of DAMUR’s garments, are the exact reason why the brand can be best described with two words “Naughty Elegance”.

#DAMUR is rewriting the rules of garment design as you are reading this and no garment can be mainstream, no garment can be boring, no garment can be missed. By sustainably using stock fabrics from previous collections, the label is challenging the fashion industry – because why use always new materials?

To spread the message of #DAMUR, we create our own voice through our hashtag logo. Today we talk to each other by using a # in the digital world. Today on the street we wear a # to communicate to the people who we meet.

The # expresses our opinion, identify and distinguishes where we belong.

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