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hyderabad / india


university of east london

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Born in 1989 ,14th june, India,{Hyderabad,bhongir CHETAN early childhood experience at textiles spending time at her mother’s beading in fashion design studies and nearby a small town known {bhongir} , graduating from UEL UNIVERSITY AAVA SCHOOL OF FASHION DESIGN IN FASHION DESIGN AND TEXTILE
Inspired by archetypes and sculptures childhood life, paintings, playful nature around my life ,in wearable clothing that flatter and 3d dimensional shapes the human form and myself and my work driven by the richness of hand crafted clothing. My approach as a designer of distinguished clothing is focused on quality express about the feminine nature . Embracing my role as wearable art fashionable clothing practice of shaping timeless silhouettes
to create future fabrication with eco friendly materials

 Stylo Mercedes Benz student designers competition finalist-2012

 Stylo Mercedes Benz student designers competition finalist 2013

 Malaysia miss world student’s competition evening grown collection semifinalists 2013

 Moda Samsung young designers competition 2013

 Collaboration work with Stylo gentling club event 2013

 International hairlah2013 showcase designer 2013

 Stylo Mercedes Benz student designers competition finalist winner-2014

 A CUT ABOVE showcase fashion designer 2014 (fashion festival Stylo Mercedes Benz
Fashion week -2014)

 Audi star creation 2014 young designers international students competition top 36 semifinalists(2014)

 Officially younger designers list in MALAYSIA and international designers list for MERCEDES BENZ ASIAN FASHION WEEK 2014

 Stylo Mercedes Benz Asian fashion week 2014 Malaysia spring summer

 Malaysia fashion week 2014 spring summer

 Matrade Malaysia facit exhibition avangarde Mercedes Benz 2014

 Malaysia fashion week 2015-16 young designer and stylo international Paris 2016

 Asian fashion week 2016 young designer and candidate space in design awards

 Art prize 2017 Luxembourg art space Chetan veena’s

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