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Verena Michels Fashion Design + Vlasta Kubusova Product Design | We met on University of the Arts Berlin's interdisciplinary MA Transfect Design Systems course and it was a mutual interest in natural materials and a curiosity for innovation that spiked collaboration. By combining craft + technology, fast + slow production methods, we discover the mostly unknown field of bio plastics derived from plants. All research in this area is based on collaboration and exchange with scientists, industrial designers and producers.

CRAFTING PLASTICS! is a platform for craft, technology, natural textiles and bio plastics. We research, experiment, shape, produce, surprise, cooperate, interact and pleasure.
1. We think that the future would be more interesting without the everyday objects made by the fossil-fuel industry: plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic clothes. Our aim is getting bio plastics made of plants on the stage of our day-to-day lives. Our products are waterproof raincoats, sun glasses not limited to seasons, out- and indoor accessories.
2. Be prepared: while computational models that simulate weather forecasting get better, the weather and seismic patterns become seemingly less predictable, just like our lives.
3. Be part of it: have you ever been part of a joyful fashion production? We think low-key and high-end: products are made by hand, in the oven, by laser cut or with an ultrasonic machine... Our production is designed to be inclusive, and lives from punctual cooperation and exchange. READ MORE HERE:

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  • We do not care for coffee without coffein. We do not love alcohol-free beers. But we do enjoy our plastics with no oil.