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barcelona / spain


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From the Canary Islands, Covadonga Trujillo Mateos, studied a fashion design degree between Escuela Superior de Diseño in Barcelona and Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She concluded her studies with a timeless collection that creates an emotional value with the aim of achieving a sustainable relationship with clothes and a more committed fashion future.

Her idea was to create a garment with a story, so the wearer can fall in love with it. Therefore, the action of throwing away one’s clothes will be a more thoughtful task, making the garment last longer in the life of a person. Fashion is about the intimate interactions between fabrics acting on one another in a reciprocal way, so garment and wearer are involved in a fluid conversation. As she states, “I considered to keep and capture that moment of conversation and record it forever as a 3D printed elements in the garments. In my opinion, innovation with a sustainable vision is essential for the future of fashion”.

"As a fashion designer, I believe I have the commitment to design in a way where fashion does not hurt anyone. I think sometimes we forget that behind a garment there is not only a person who designs and sews it, but also many lives that must be valued".


Winner “APOLDA EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARD 2020” in Germany.

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