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london / United Kingdom


Universidad Ramon Llull

Graduation year


“There must be a better way to do this business of fashion.”

This was that initial thought that triggered the origin of COSSAC. My name is Agatka Natalia Kozak and I have been designing fashion for over five years now. In 2014 I decided to take my knowledge of the fashion industry to help pioneer a change in the movement towards eco fashion by designing affordable, ECO-HOT garments.

I am awake to the abuse of people and our planet that takes place in the wasteful mainstream fashion industry. We have a responsibility to address these issues, as fashion is now arguably the largest industry in the world. By advocating transparency I hope COSSAC will help put a stop to the escalating issues that endanger lives and our eco systems every day.

The brand was launched in October, 2014 as an alternative to high street fast fashion. Offering you a conscious choice in what you wear, without compromising on style, quality or price.

Despite the heavy subject matter COSSAC is easy going, designed to fit your lifestyle and free from the stigma and stereotype of eco fashion brands. I handle the heavy stuff so you can have peace of mind and enjoy wearing your clothes.

The ethical and sustainable backbone of the brand runs further than just the design, manufacture and distribution of eco fashion. It’s about making a positive lifestyle choice and giving others the opportunity to do the same by becoming a part of COSSAC’s mission as we spread news and invite others to share inspiration. Eco fashion is just a small part of starting a fresh mindset.

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