Corrina Goutos

Black Sheep


hamburg / germany


savannah college of art and design, usa

Graduation year


Corrina Goutos, a native of New York is now located in Hamburg Germany; where she personally designs and handcrafts every item, as well as locally sources all of her materials. Her designs combine contemporary concepts and experimental making with a strong traditional goldsmithing background. In a culture of convenience, consumption and transience, Corrina's unrelenting fascination is better understanding the relations we have with the objects around us; objects we cherish and identify great memories with, or simply buy and trash again. How we embue these souvenir's with value and idolise them as a refreshing contrast to the stock of virtual memories we all sit high upon. Corrina Goutos Jewellery is an item to be worn for the best days of your life, for young and for old, and when their luck has worn out for you, pass them to your children. Each piece is built to endure a lifetime, with the utmost quality craftsmanship from a traditionally trained Goldsmith. ALL pieces are original, single pieces which cannot and are not duplicated. From Avant-Garde to everyday wear, Corrina Goutos jewellery has a piece for every fabulous day, even if today you're just washing the dishes. For Corrina, value is measure in the intellectual depth of her work, and preciousness is measured in it's longevity. Here's to finally finding your jewellery soul mate!

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