Corrina Goutos

Grey Sheep



hamburg / germany


savannah college of art and design, usa

Graduation year


Corrina Goutos, a New York native now located in Germany, is an artist working in Jewelry, Objects and Instillation. As a maker in the Anthropocene, Corrina’s mission is to learn the properties of the post-consumer object as a craftswoman would a raw material. Moving fluidly between art, artifact, craft and design, Corrina’s artwork calls for a re-evaluation of our relationship with the material world. In developing a neo materiality- considerate to the political ecology of human and non-human materials, she perpetuates a value shift she sees as long overdue in the luxury market. Corrina’s passion for expert handcraft, and her mission to underline it’s relevance in a tech-saturated world, is one of several rare gems one might appreciate in her work.

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