Corina Cigodaru

Black Sheep


cluj-napoca / romania


University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

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My name is Corina Cigodaru and I am a 25-year-old Fashion DesignEr based in Romania.
I was born in The Republic of Moldova, in the post-soviet era, thus, the political system, the economy of my country and the society that was surrounding me, influenced my personality formation.
Studying Arts for 5 years made me realize that I can reflect my own personality, concepts and viewpoints in my works, and my major task is to materialize my ideas in a most subtle way. I don’t want my collections to seem like propaganda, I wish they’ll make people look over them and reflect about what I wanted to say through each detail.
In my opinion, Fashion Design is more than trendy colors and silhouettes, it’s a form of Art, and I want to convince everyone in it, and that even a clothing item, besides it’s aesthetic value, can suggest deep meanings.
When I start creating a collection I’m thinking about the character, who is he or she, what values does he/she promote and how can I reflect their identity in outfits. I use a lot of symbols through colors, shapes, sometimes prints, I try to think each detail to concur in materializing the concept.
My professional idol is Rei Kawakubo, a genial designer that expresses her feelings and ideas in some tremendous outfits, and each collection has an extraordinary story behind.
My collections describe me better than I can do through words.

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