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CONSUELO FUERTES is a sustainable fashion brand based in La Plata, Argentina. Committed to the environment, my designs are hand-made in my small study. Through textile experimentation together with the alchemy of materials, I create exclusive, conceptual collections that lead us to question our relationship with nature and the way we interact with it. With simple and organic forms, the momentum of the collection centres in the textile and what it generates in us. Handwork and craftwork yield unique pieces that transport us to La Plata’s riverside in the summer: the first dip, the sweltering noon heat, the sound of the wind and the animals at sunset. The perfume of river, earth and grass. The aim of each collection is to foster the conscious consumption, inviting the spectator/consumer to take/buy only what she/he needs.

Fashion shows: I took part in the Argentina Fashion Week 2019, together with the AMSOAR, the Sustainable Fashion Association of Argentina, and in the performing show at the Nuevos Vientos Festival, La Plata, 2016.

Exhibitions: Among others, “FALBALAS”, a static installation by Professor Delia Cancela; Buenos Aires Design Week, 2018. “PLASTIC NATURE” static installation, Cariño Gallery, La Plata, 2019. “THE ROAD TO SUSTAINABLITY” also by Delia Cancela, as part of the Buenos Aires Fashion Week, at ABM, 2019.

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