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My name is Constantia Iurasco-Andries, designer and founder of CONSTANZIA YURASHKO. I’m from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and I’m proud for being born and raised in a country with such a multi - millennial history thus obtaining specific and unique features. Also living in a post-soviet country during 90s was demoralising, and my interest for clothes was even more discouraging, because of the "look-alike” tendency, and everyone who attempted to get out of the box wouldn’t be understood. This undoubtedly influenced my vision as a Designer.

While living in London I have had the chance to work in Jewellery and Fashion Design Industry. After gaining valuable knowledges and skills abroad, I finally decided to come back home and start my own brand here.

My artistic influence mainly comes from the attitude I want to express. This attitude can be inspired by a person, a painting, a photograph or simply a feeling or mood I want to visualise. My aim is for the clothing to speak to the whole world about the person wearing it, thus defining who he/she is as a character. It is very important to understand the garment’s physical and non-physical idea and purpose. That is exactly what I aim to, and what my message is! I want my clients to put more sense and consciousness in the way they dress!

My priority focus is designing and creating clothing garments for quality and duration only. I work with exclusive, 100% natural, highest quality fabrics. I am building feminine but strong, smart, quality, casual looks. I love combining contrasting fashion inspired periods and styles when creating a collection.

The best part of being a designer is the possibility to CREATE and turn into life anything you can imagine. CREATING is what gives me that infinite assemblage of emotions and sensibilities I can’t find doing anything else. Fashion is much more than just trends and beautiful clothing, Fashion is Art at its highest definition.

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