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Born in Germany, Conni Kaminski founded the ‘Conni Kaminski’ label in 2005 in Brussels, Belgium.

In December 2007, she opened her flagship shop in the “Quartier Saint-Jacques” - the old centre of Brussels, near the Dansaert fashion district. The building also serves as the designer’s atelier, where she creates her collections.

Using only high quality fabrics from Belgium, Italy and France, the label takes advantage of the design heritage in Belgium through production that is entirely locally sourced.

The Conni Kaminski design aesthetic is distinguished by the contrast between elegance and sportive details, such as draping shapes paired with asymmetric lines. The clothes are characterised by attention to detail and a special awareness of the importance of making garments that flatter the body, This awareness makes her designs beautiful from all angles and results in a feminine collection that is both simple and sophisticated.

Shop :
Conni Kaminski
rue du Marché au Charbon 102
1000 Brussels
open: Tuesday-Saturday 11.30-18.30h
Phone: +32 2 50 25 155

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