Experience working with agents?

Submitted by oeurs

Hello Y'all - I am Charlie from oeurs, we produce versatile, elegant leather dress shoes for women in quality that we are really proud of. https://www.notjustalabel.com/oeurs


Some fashion agents and showrooms have recently approached our brand, we are interested in expanding our market and sales channel, but it comes with a retainer fee, some up to several thousand.

Sales are something that we are yet to have someone in the team with the ability to do well so we are in need of help in this area. We are just wondering if it is worth it to put a large sum (for us for sure) of money down without knowing clearly the ROI.

Anyone has experience working with fashion agents and could share the good and/ or bad?

Thank you in advance x


We started with agent as well but on commission based model and no extra fees per month. The agents are usually taking 15% from the order value. Sometimes if they want to present your brand on a trades how, you might need to pay extra. It is good to outline your conditions for buyers in terms of payment, delivery and shipping cost and import duties.

Thank you so much for your reply!

After some consideration, we are planning to try it out for a test period and see how it goes. And great thanks to mentioning we have to be aware of shipping and delivery plus more importantly import duties.

Either good or bad we'll come back and share our experiences too :)

Nice to see there are more brands trying to figure out how to expand sales. If you can propose nice and reliable agents would be great :) 

Hey everyone :)


we are looking for experienced and honest sales agents to man our booths at some of our trade shows in Paris and  Berlin.


Does anyone have any recommendations?