Events for sustainable brands

Submitted by Tales of Anyday

Hey everyone,

I am very much interested to discover more events, fashion shows, competitions etc. for sustainable brands that we (TALES of ANYDAY) could potentially take part in and/or contribute to.

Best wishes from Copenhagen,

Hi Sintija,

Here are some events for sustainable brands -

  1. Talents de Mode - The ‘Sustainable Fashion’ prize -

  2. White Sustainable Milano -

  3. Sustainable Apparel Forum -

  4. Challenge the Fabric -

  5. Sustainable Fashion Week UK -



Such events are crucial for sharing experiences and seeking help. When we meet in person, we can exchange ideas and learn from each other, making our efforts more effective. For example, when working on a project like a systematic review, I found information on one event about extremely helpful. These events also allow us to build a supportive community, helping us grow and innovate together.