How to grow our market

Submitted by Michel KAbbany


My name is Michel Kabbany, I started my brand almost 4 years ago. So far the sales are doing good but slow, I feel that I am in a place where I need to increase my sales and get a  wider market (clients or shops).

Thank you. 

Hello Michel, I’m Eliel. I feel like we’re in the same place right now regarding sales. A few things I did that helped out was that I became more intentional about my marketing. 

I started creating video content with my products instead of just images, I also delved into email marketing and influencer marketing. 

Also check out Apparel success on YouTube, they have some practical advice to increase sales. Watch the video about how to get your first 100 customers 


I would like to learn more about marketing from other bigger brand in this platform. What other platform do you guys sell in and if you like to share any experience with previous major store? Over the years, I have received few emails from multi brand online store (not big and some of them are still startup) and after few conversation it didn't work out.