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Hey dear,
I hope everything goes well for you.
I would like to ask if any of you can point me to some American showrooms, focused on the US market.
We are looking for an office in New York to expand Homie on the US market.

Thank you very much and I wish you all a good weekend.


I believe there are huge amount of showrooms in the USA. NYC has really big ones, my previous brand that i worked for used Goods and services. I have been emailed by Doors NYC multiple times, but i havent considered pursuing them. If anyone has first hand experience, i would like to learn more.


Hello Alvin, 

Just came across your comment and was wondering how was your experience with goods and services. Was the previous brand you worked with a big brand. 


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The brand i worked for was Adam Selman. Before i leave, they had rebranding and increase the sales quite a lot. I was not really involved with the showroom but i have been to the showroom few times and it looked quite big. There were other small but good designer brands too.

Hello Marco, I’m Eliel. Nice to meet you.

The US market is a smart market to get into. They have a about 2 showrooms in NYC that I know of, canvas Nyc and flying solo nyc. 

Goodluck in your marketing endeavors 

Hello Eliels,

We have heard of flying solo nyc as well, do you have any experience with this platform? Just from their website, it looks like a big retail stores to me and I wonder if they are more B2C focused than B2B-oriented like other showrooms...

Thanks a lot!


Hi, I'm Marita from Marita Moreno

I was at Flying Solo for 1 year at the beggining of the store - it was great for promotion, sales were not bad but not suport the costs - I had to be there working or hired a person to make my sales (because I'm from Portugal). They were a BtoC showroom / shop. It was a collective iniciative, so in that time not so much organized. I think they are now much more professionals.

Hi Marco,

I am just starting to cooperate with Doors for the wholesale trade fair in the New York fashion week. If you're still interested in, I can let you know if they help to promote us successfully with a good sales outcome.



hello guys, 


You can try in the US with Wolf & Badger, they have an online shop with 350-400 Euro membership per month, and stores in NY, LA & London. 

They have big online traffic and after you set up online you can apply for the physical stores. 

The problem big issue is that they look understaffed and communication is difficult. 

We can make recommend the brand interested because we are on the inside with one of or labels.





We receive also invitations but we don't know if they can sell to cover the costs (2000 USD/month for 4 month contract) any updates from you guys? 


Thanks :) 

Hi Marco,

For expanding Homie in the US market, consider these showrooms:

  1. New York Design Center: Located in Manhattan, hosts various home and office furnishings showrooms.

  2. D&D Building: In Manhattan's design district, features over 130 showrooms focused on interior design.

These spots could be ideal for showcasing Homie's offerings. Best of luck with your expansion!

Best regards,

Red Ball 4

Hello Eliels,

We’ve also come across Flying Solo NYC and are curious if you have any experience with this platform. From what we’ve seen on their website, they seem to resemble a large retail store. blob opera We’re wondering if their focus is more on B2C rather than being B2B-oriented like other showrooms. Could you share your insights on this? Thanks!